• Tierra Design was originally founded by Martin Palleros in Singapore in 1992. It is a highly motivated, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural practice focusing on quality rather than quantity of projects undertaking at each time. It has established a strong reputation as a design orientated practice and have completed a wide range of projects in Australia and extensively throughout Asia. Its skill base includes architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning & design and interior design.

  • Tierra embraces a critical and minimalist approach to design. This attitude underpins all the projects it works on. Though it is consistent in its design approach, it does not have a repeating formula of style to its work. Each project provokes a new set of investigations and challenges. The poetic quality of the work expresses things of life; sunlight touching a wall, the drama in turning a corner and revealing twilight's luminous glow.

  • Tierra challenges traditional concepts of design and cross artificial boundaries of design convention. Through its combined disciplines, it is able to fuse buildings, landscape and the environment. It also sees design as a means of heightening human levels of consciousness towards nature and life itself.

  • Tierra’s clients include individuals, corporations and governments. For a project to be successful, it believes the client and consultant design team must work together to achieve a seamless integration of all the design elements. Its involvement most often starts at the inception of a project and with its design director maintaining direct involvement throughout the project's duration.